Neighbors Love Their Pets Too


How well do I know my neighbors? Living in a country setting, I do have a few close neighbors around me and then some down the road a bit as well.  Many of us country folk have animal pets. Dogs and cats and then the local farms have their cows and dogs too. They may even have a barn cat here and there.

Today I’m sharing how I know that my neighbors love their pets. Weather permitting, they are out walking their dogs and taking them for rides to get ice cream treats (our family dog loves getting ice cream), along with going to the dog parks.  When I’m visiting their homes, a family cat comes out occasionally, wrapping their tail around my leg, purring as loud as they can.

Love goes round and round.

Not too long ago, I was visiting a dear friend of mine, down the road, and she shared with me that her love of her life, her #1 animal family pet, Nina, had severe pain in her shoulders from arthritis.

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