Recognizing Unconditional Love in Pets


I have been curious about how pets today show us unconditional love. Wondering if it is any different than what I remember from long ago.

I have been out there on the internet browsing around and found a few animal groups that hit home for me with wonderful stories about animal owners and their animal family members. So much is being shared today about unconditional love between pets, their family members, and other pets too.

Our animal family member Rocco is a 13-year-old Australian Shepard who loves to see any new face at the door. I’ve never known an animal that pours out love so freely until Rocco came to live with us.

Not having been around Rocco when he was younger, I was hoping for a bond of unconditional love to surface between us. He is truly attached to my son, and I found out I was in second place for any attention of love, at least that was happening in the first few months that Rocco he was in our home.

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