A Pet’s Love


Have you ever wondered how some animals as pets survive? Most dogs and cats don’t survive when there is no love for them. They may be provided food and shelter and that’s all. No one in their home cares what happens to them. And then sometimes, for whatever reason, a  pet has been abandoned by the side of the road, or just dropped off at someone’s doorstep, left to survive on their own.


There are many shelters that have rescued animals and there are adoption agencies who try to find new owners whose hearts are opened to caring for an animal in need. Love from a pet is amazing. Some wait, wonder, and hope that love will come their way.


During a transition of not having a home, being rescued, and coming to a shelter is a lot for an animal to make sense of. Many of them are terrified, stressed and have anxiety. Even when they have found a new home full of love, they still need comforting with getting over their stress and being terrified.


A best friend of mine rescued a German Shepard only 6-8 weeks old. Its mother had died, and an animal shelter was hoping for a home with love for this little one. The dog was very scared and afraid. Aromatherapy helped this little one go beyond being terrified and stressed. It took time, but the German Shepard’s love was there all along and their love went round and round. That was 7 years ago.


It is a miracle that there are dogs and cats who do find homes where there is love beyond words. Pets have plenty of love to share, if given the chance. They need love just as much as we do too.


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