Helping Animals

Helping animals and loved ones too has always been dear to my heart. My family growing up allowed us to have our own pets and my children were given the same opportunity too. There is always love to share when helping someone in need.

In my world, there is always time to help an animal no matter what they need help with. Getting out of a tree, unwinding their leashes when it is wrapped around something, filling their water dish, or maybe just being more aware that they need a hug too.

Our dog, Rocco, is always nudging my leg to get attention. So, I stop what I am doing and look him straight in the eyes and find that he too recognizes the love between us and then his small cute tail starts wagging. How could I not reach down and hug him, play with him and share some loving, even for just a small moment? Love goes round and round.

Recognizing that animals have a gift for us and we for them too is what it’s all about, loving each other. I am looking forward to writing more posts about animals and loved ones and helping them with comforting their pain and stress and anxiety. My heart goes out to all who need help with these areas of discomfort.

Take care,

Always a friend to animals

Gladys Miller 💙

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