Hitting Home With The Effect of Covid 19 In 2020


Since Covid 19 virus came to our nation in 2020, there has been a tremendous shift in all our lives. Normal living as we knew it, was to never be the same.

Families lost loved ones, their jobs, businesses closed, and I remember the long food lines that helped our fellow Americans to stay alive.

Our nation was devastated with a living a new way of life and even today, in 2021 I still hear of family members across the country that are still not working and  are trying to cope with survival at the deepest level. My story of how this world-wide pandemic hit home at my doorstep I am sure is no different than your story too.

Not only was I in the beginning stages of starting my Soothies business, but even when we were half way through 2020 our family was still staying indoors, not visiting neighbors or other relatives, and only going outside to get essentials at the store to have food and necessities. No one knew what the rest of 2020 was going to bring.

Being thankful that I didn’t have to go outside my home to work on my new business was truly a gift that year. Unlike so many other businesses that couldn’t make it, they faced financial hardships with closing their doors and still trying to take care of their family’s needs as well.

All across America in 2020, these stories of how the pandemic hit home were frightening.

Today, in 2021 I’m still in the beginning stages of using social media, and reaching the public locally, to let folks know that our comfort pillows are designed to help animals and humans too with relieving their pain, stress, and anxiety. We have a senior dog in our home named Rocco. He has arthritis and I made him his own soothies comfort pillow to help with his pain relief. I also use my comfort pillows every day for my pain relief in my back and shoulder areas.

It takes determination in todays world to keep going with any business that you have or that you are a part of. Not losing sight of your goals and commitment to hang in there is commendable. It wasn’t easy this past year in 2020 to survive and now in the middle of 2021, businesses are starting to open again and folks are going back to work too. I will hang in there to see if my new business will make it and I will not give up. Hopefully, if you have your own business too, it will be successful.

We can’t fail if we never give up!

Take care,

Always a Friend to Animals

Gladys Miller 💙

P.S. Soothies pillows can provide aromatherapy relief for stressed animals as well as offering pain relief. Get a copy of our free guide on “Helping Animals with Arthritis, Relief of Pain, Stress and Anxiety”.