How it All Began



I think about how I got here in this moment of my life with helping animals and other folks in comforting and easing their pain.


My thoughts reflect back to when I was a woman in my late thirties. Even at that young age, I was already experiencing regular pain from a back injury. I was also following a healthier lifestyle with trying to be a vegetarian with eating better and helping my body as best as I could. I also started searching for what was

out there to help with my back pain other than the medicine I was using.


In the early 1990’s I came across a “heating bag” that would help with pain. Most of them had corn or rice inside. I used them for quite a few years on my back. Within the last ten years, a friend of mine shared with me that there were herbs that could be used externally as well, to help with pain.


My search was now focused on an herbal blend that would help comfort, soothe and relieve pain. The aromatic blend of the herbs I use worked wonderfully for me and I started using these herbal bags on my knees and back for pain relief daily. Even after both of my knee replacements, I faithfully used my herbal bags on my back.


The last few years, I started sharing my herbal bags with close family members and friends as gifts. They too were amazed on how they worked with soothing pain relief and discomfort.


This brings me to today, with “Our Story” posted on our website. It shares the rest of what happened next with helping animals too!


My journey in life has been serving others with love, when they too are in need.



May the Blessings Be.

Gladys Miller. ¬