Neighbors Love Their Pets Too


How well do I know my neighbors? Living in a country setting, I do have a few close neighbors around me and then some down the road a bit as well.  Many of us country folk have animal pets. Dogs and cats and then the local farms have their cows and dogs too. They may even have a barn cat here and there.

Today I’m sharing how I know that my neighbors love their pets. Weather permitting, they are out walking their dogs and taking them for rides to get ice cream treats (our family dog loves getting ice cream), along with going to the dog parks.  When I’m visiting their homes, a family cat comes out occasionally, wrapping their tail around my leg, purring as loud as they can.

Love goes round and round.

Not too long ago, I was visiting a dear friend of mine, down the road, and she shared with me that her love of her life, her #1 animal family pet, Nina, had severe pain in her shoulders from arthritis.

Now, my friend was using one of our Soothies Comfort Pillows for her own low back pain. She recognized how much pain her dog was in and decided to heat up one of her pillows and place it on Nina’s shoulder. She was so thankful that I had shared a pillow with her and she too was sharing that same pillow to help her dog.

With Nina using our pillow on a regular basis, my friend let me know that she doesn’t have to give her pain medicine as often now, as she is getting relief from her shoulder arthritis, as her pain meds truly make her sick when she does take them.

Love goes round and round.

You may not live in the country, but wherever you do live, I am sure that you have become aware of the love your neighbors have for their pets too.

Recognizing that we all need love and a little extra caring for when we are in pain, stressed and even having anxiety at times, is certainly an invitation to help those in need with our hearts opened.

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Take care.

Always a Friend to Animals,

Gladys Miller 💙


P.S. Here is a link to read about offering pain relief for animals. Get a copy of our free guide on “Helping Animals with Arthritis, Relief of Pain, Stress and Anxiety”.