Stylish and Comforting

Our pillows are stylish, soft, soothing, and comforting. We fill them with a proprietary herbal blend of 100% natural ingredients. When heated, the herbal aroma is calming and stress relieving.

Each pillow also has the unique ability to be shaped to fit the muscle area where it’s needed the most.  Studies have shown that heat can help relax the muscles. So, we made our pillow to be easily heated in the microwave, or even a warm oven.

We also offer removable covers for easy cleaning when animals and HUmans get them dirty. They can also be spot cleaned without the removable cover.


Pillow Material

All of our pillows start with the same quality materials. We use 100% patterned Cotton or 100% Cotton Flannel.
For our pillows featuring a removable cover we add a solid color Poly/Cotton Blend on the bottom side of the cover and the inserted herbal blend is packaged in a 100% Cotton Muslin. The cover also features a Velcro closing to make removal a breeze. And, it prevents accidents from happening when being used by animals and small children.

Purchaser may select from the following Pattern Print choices:

  • Animal prints/Snake Skin Look
  • Floral prints
  • Butterfly and Dragonfly prints
  • Seasonal prints: Valentine’s Day/Fall/Halloween/Christmas
  • Sports/Hunting/Camping/Tractors

Solid Color Choices for Removable Cover Bottom:

  • Pastel (colors like blue, pink, white, tan, violet, light yellow)
  • Warm (colors like brown, navy, burgundy, green, purple, black, grey)

Seller will honor choice of print pattern and the selection of warm or pastel colors. You may suggest colors. However, final selection of which pastel or warm color used will be at the discretion of the seller based on inventory and/or availability. 



Pillows without removable cover – Animal/Human:
Same patterned material top and bottom: 100% Cotton Flannel or 100% Cotton

Pillows with removable cover- Animal/Human:
All Covers – Pattern Material on top: 100% Flannel or 100% Cotton
Pattern Material on bottom: Solid Color – Poly/Cotton Blend
Inserted Pillow Bag: 100% Cotton Muslin
Velcro closure