How Soothies Was Born


One day, not too long ago, our 15 year old, family cat member Rebbie, had taken a fall and was having hip pain when walking.


I have been using these comfort pillows to help ease my low back and knee pain for some time now.  I was wondering if they might help relieve her pain and discomfort too.


She was in my lap resting and I put one of the comfort pillows, safely heated, on her hip area. She was enjoying the aroma and was licking the pillow off and on.  After a short period of time, she got up from my lap, jumped down and walked away with no signs of limping.


Hmm, my daughter and I were amazed that this pillow had helped Rebbie with her pain and discomfort. That started my journey of creating “Soothies Comfort Pillows” for animals and humans too. Adding essential herbs to these pillows, calms, soothes and helps relieve the pain for your family pet members and for you too.


There is a bond of unconditional love between the animal members of a family and their owners. As a senior citizen, this new chapter in my life is where my heart’s desire and commitment to helping others belongs.



Gladys Miller



Our Mission



There is a bond of love between you and the animal members of your family. They show us compassion and unconditional love. Like you, I recognize in my heart that all animals are soul too, without even thinking about it. That’s why being able to offer these gifts of love and comfort to the animals and humans that share your home is what our commitment of helping others is all about.