Pet Celebrations!

There are many celebrations throughout our world and “Pets” have been worthy of joining our celebrations too!

Just last week on May 20th  there was a “National Rescue Dog Day”.

If you are not a dog pet owner, its okay.  We just wanted to let you know that this national holiday existed.

But, please read on as there are more celebrations for other pets too!


Here is a piece of information about this once a year celebration…

From website:

This day was founded in 2018 by Lisa Wiehebrink, children’s book author and Executive Director of Tails That Teach, an organization that helps children learn the kind and proper treatment of their pets”.

Lisa’s inspiration for National Rescue Dog Day came from her beloved rescue dog Cooper (pictured below) who was rescued as a puppy from a Los Angeles shelter in 2009 after being found living in a vacant lot.

And if you like, you can read more about rescued dogs when you visit their website.


All across Europe, North America and other countries, there are pet lovers just like us who share their love for their fur babies throughout the year.

I never knew this until one day, while surfing the net, I googled “Animal Days” and a brand-new world was in front of me that was amazing!

I even found a “Hug Your Pet” day too.

In today’s world, pet owners love to celebrate their animals’ special occasions in return for the amazing unconditional love we receive from them all year long, every day..

There are birthday celebrations and contests! There’s the most beautiful, best costume, outrageously adorable, best dressed, and best tricks.

Love goes round and round.

In my own family, my sister for many years now, has always celebrated her beloved dog’s birthdays!

She makes that special meal once a year for each of her dogs. They get a huge steak with all the trimmings!

I thought she was going overboard with this celebration. I’m talking about 30+ years ago.

But now I’m a believer in that she probably helped start the ball rolling with celebrations for pets! Thanks Sis.

It wasn’t until our Soothies Comfort Pillows were created to help animals and my surfing the net the other day, did I realize her love for her dogs all these years was the same love being shared by millions of pet owners all over the world.

Love goes round and round.

In fact, a national program “Adopt a Shelter Pet” Day took place in the United States last month in April.

And I found a calendar of events for animal celebrations that you might want to check out on the web:

When you get to this site, scroll down and to the right you will find a calendar listing. I went to Animal Holidays. Amazing celebrations are listed here.

Celebrations and Special Occasions for our beloved pets are never ending…


Take care.

Always a Friend to Animals,

Gladys Miller 💙


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