When A Heart Opens

My journey of helping animals and animal owners too is where my focus on my future is beginning.  Awakening and recognizing that animals need love just as much as we do too is where I believe in my heart a wonderful place to start a bond of love for each other.

Anyone can have a pet and take care of it’s basic needs to survive. We can feed them, clean them, and occasionally pet them on their heads or rub their backs. Read More

What More Can You Ask For?



Our animal family members are willing to do anything for us. They shower us with never ending unconditional love. It doesn’t take much to see that a dog or a cat will pick up pretty fast with learning their owner’s personality. They also keep us in awe with the love they share. When we are teaching them a cute trick, they will repeat the trick over and over to please us or just to keep us laughing.


They also know when we are “under the weather” and will lay by our side until we feel better again. Such love and commitment from them, without even saying a word. Animal family members love with no expectations. What more can you ask for? Read More

Hitting Home With The Effect of Covid 19 In 2020


Since Covid 19 virus came to our nation in 2020, there has been a tremendous shift in all our lives. Normal living as we knew it, was to never be the same.

Families lost loved ones, their jobs, businesses closed, and I remember the long food lines that helped our fellow Americans to stay alive.

Our nation was devastated with a living a new way of life and even today, in 2021 I still hear of family members across the country that are still not working and  are trying to cope with survival at the deepest level. My story of how this world-wide pandemic hit home at my doorstep I am sure is no different than your story too. Read More