Instructions for Use:




Aromatherapy is a natural remedy for helping animals and humans too. Heating is recommended when using our comfort pillow for arthritis, joint pain, and muscle ache relief, as well as helping in reducing stress and anxiety. This proprietary herbal mix, when heated, creates the aromatic scent that triggers the senses to help with comforting, relaxing and offering pain relief.


Areas on a body, animal or human can benefit from using a heated pillow. Shoulders, hips, knees, feet, neck areas and hand and wrists are just a few.  I have used my pillows on quite a few of these areas myself. Our animal family member Rocco, uses his own comfort pillow too on his arthritis joint areas such as his hips and shoulders.


Microwaves heat very differently depending on wattage. Heat accordingly with your microwave. You can heat for up to 1-minute, then increase by 30 seconds, if needed. You can also use a warm oven to heat a pillow.


Carefully warming the pillow, is recommended, so as not to harm you or your animal family member.  Your skin needs to be protected when using a heated pillow. Placing the pillow on a lightweight towel or your clothing is suggested.




Using a pillow as a cold compress, can be beneficial too. It can help as an eye pillow for strain relief and headache relief . Swollen areas of the body will benefit as well with a cold pillow. After surgery, usually, there will be swelling. Using a pillow as a cold compress will help to get that swelling down.  When I had my shoulder surgery, I was instructed by my doctor to use a cold compress for 15 minutes every hour to help with swelling. I used one of my pillows as my cold compress. The other 45 minutes of that hour I was instructed to switch to a heated compress. So, I used another pillow, heated.


When using a pillow as a cold compress you will need to protect it from getting wet. Putting it into a clear plastic bag before you place it in a freezer is best. You are only getting the pillow cold enough to help with areas of pain or swelling, so only about 20 to 30 minutes will get it ready  for use. The pillow should not freeze solid during this time period. Placing the cold pillow on a lightweight towel or your clothing is suggested. You can reuse the cold pillow many times when needed.