We finally made it and are so excited to be offering our very first online sale starting now during this month of August and will end on Sept 15, 2022.


Many of you have visited our booth at local craft shows and found out that this sale was coming soon and we can’t wait to share it with you! We had planned to launch this sale in July, but was not able to roll it out before today.


And just so that you know..


Our Soothies business is in it’s second year of helping animals and humans too with offering pain relief from arthritis, stress, and anxiety.


So many of our customers have shared testimonies with how our aromatherapy herbal pillows are helping their animals and themselves as well.


We are so thankful that our product is helping in so many ways. It does our hearts good to offer pain relief to all those in need, animals and humans too.

Please use the links below to access our products for this sale.


The discount is already applied. There is no limit on purchasing pillows.


To order Large Pillows click here


To order Small Pillows click here




Thank you so much for being with us and subscribing to our emails. If you haven’t already, visit our website for great stories and information at  www.soothies4animalsandhumans2.com.


Always a friend to animals,

Gladys Miller 💙