What More Can You Ask For?



Our animal family members are willing to do anything for us. They shower us with never ending unconditional love. It doesn’t take much to see that a dog or a cat will pick up pretty fast with learning their owner’s personality. They also keep us in awe with the love they share. When we are teaching them a cute trick, they will repeat the trick over and over to please us or just to keep us laughing.


They also know when we are “under the weather” and will lay by our side until we feel better again. Such love and commitment from them, without even saying a word. Animal family members love with no expectations. What more can you ask for?


On the other side of this wonderful animal/owner relationship, we shower them with love in many ways too.  Always paying attention to them and their needs, are they hungry, do they need to go out? Keeping them safe, traveling with them, when we can, and making sure they have their veterinary visits scheduled, and so much more.


Another area of love from us, is about caring. When they are sick, in pain, or having a stressful time, this is when I find my heart reaching out to comfort them. Our animal family member, Rocco, an Australian Shepard is getting on in years and has arthritis in his joints. We comfort him with using our Soothies comfort pillows. They help ease his joint pain while keeping him calm too. Aromatherapy provides a holistic natural way to help the body when it is needed.


Love is all there is. Love from our animal family members and us returning our love with gratitude and thankfulness, is what it’s all about.

Thank you,

Always a Friend to Animals

Gladys Miller 💙

P.S. Soothies pillows can provide aromatherapy relief for stressed animals as well as offering pain relief. Get a copy of our free guide on “Helping Animals with Arthritis, Relief of Pain, Stress and Anxiety”.