When A Heart Opens

My journey of helping animals and animal owners too is where my focus on my future is beginning.  Awakening and recognizing that animals need love just as much as we do too is where I believe in my heart a wonderful place to start a bond of love for each other.

Anyone can have a pet and take care of it’s basic needs to survive. We can feed them, clean them, and occasionally pet them on their heads or rub their backs.

But when a pet owner’s heart opens and sees that their animal family member has been offering unconditional love for them all this time, this message rings loud and clear.

This journey of offering to go beyond the basic care for a loved one, human or animal, will offer a higher level of providing the best care that can be given, out of love for one another.

I believe that the more I research how to help animals, who are waiting for help, their owners will be interested too in finding out what can be done to keep their animal family members and themselves as comfortable as can be when they are needing relief from arthritis pain, stress and anxiety.

Take care,

Always a Friend to Animals

Gladys Miller 💙

P.S. Soothies pillows can provide aromatherapy relief for stressed animals as well as offering pain relief. Get a copy of our free guide on “Helping Animals with Arthritis, Relief of Pain, Stress and Anxiety”.